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Become part of a thriving network of independent museums, arts & heritage centres and historical interpretation projects.

As a member of AIM you can:

  • Apply for support from the AIM Sustainability Grant Scheme, Preventive Conservation Grant Scheme, Conservation Grant Scheme & National Heritage Landmark Partnership Grant Scheme.
  • Be part of a thriving network of museums, historic houses and interpretation centres across the UK.
  • Learn about new developments and network with colleagues at our popular national conference and trade show.
  • Access our training grants scheme which provides bursaries for attending seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Keep up to date with museum and heritage news through the bi-monthly AIM Bulletin and e-news mailings.
  • Access practical information on museum operation from our Success Guides.

How to join

AIM welcomes new members who support its aims.

Annual Subscription rates vary with museum size, or role of non-museum members:

  • Small Museum (up to 20,000 visitors’ p.a.) and additional sites of multi-site organisations - £47
  • Medium Museum (20,000 to 50,000 visitors p.a.) - £70
  • Large Museum (50,000 to 100,000 visitors p.a.) - £105
  • Largest museums (over 100k visitors) - £135
  • Individual / MDO / freelance / support organisations (1 or no paid staff) - £49
  • Non-profit Support Organisations / Libraries / Archives (2+ paid staff) - £90
  • Suppliers and Company Consultants - £105
  • New Category From 2016: Associate Supplier - £250

If you would like to join us please complete this registration form.

For membership queries call 01584 878151 or email

Please note that our membership categories have changed for 2015, with a new category for the largest museums (over 100k visitors) and changes to Individual / MDO / freelance / support organisations (with 1 or no paid staff) categories and lastly for the Non-profit Support Organisations / Libraries / Archives (2+ paid staff) categories.

Organisations with multiple sites can now join as follows; the parent organisation should join in the category for the total visitors across all their sites. Subsequently each site can join at the small museum rate regardless of the number of visitors the site receives. Alternatively, if an individual site wishes to join but the parent organisation is not a member they may join according to that site’s visitor numbers.

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